Darlene is a Reiki Master, Psychic Reader and utilizes Heart2Heart,Crystal Therapy & her Ley Line Technique to cultivate her Clients’ innate physical, social, spiritual and professional skills.

A life of research, study, and travel exposed Darlene to the world's mysteries, rituals and faiths.

India, China, Southeast Asia and Europe inspired an intense desire to bring balance and understanding to an alternative healing mindset.

Darlene works with her clients’ personalities, life-energy and inner strength to help them reach their full potential and well-being.

Darlene says, “It’s about nurturing each person’s innate physical, social, spiritual and professional skills. When combining this with real life it has the potential to produce a shattering explosion of contentment within the soul.”

Darlene is a Reiki Master, Crystal Therapist, Psychic Reader, and Ley Line Technique Utilizer.


I love helping people through their different transitions, whether it be finding a new home or place to live, launching a new business or career, or finding new best health practices that work for their needs.
— Darlene Owen